Friday, 23 February 2018

An example of a recount **


Last year we went to Australia . We went on a big plane called Emirates It was the A380. It was so fast I got some chocolate and a dich that had chiken and carrots in it . also I had some cake . It was so yum

When we landed our aunty was waiting in the airport with our cozen. We went in her car and drove to her house . We were so tired.

When we were at her  house we unpacked our stuff. Our aunty gave us sum yum chips. We turned on the tv and watched a cartoon called Mordecai and Rigby. . Then at night we went to watch liverpool . they one 5-0 . my dad sat in the black box. It cost 100 dollars more expensive in the black box you get a better view of the manger and the players .  After the match we went to the mall and got a fidget spinner. Then we went home had dinner and went to bed. We woke up and had some nutrigrain. Then we went to my cozens karate he was good. After my cozen’s karate we went to have some lunch . After that we went to toys r us. We got to spend 10 dollars each . It was so much fun . We stayed there for 2 weeks . When we had to leave I was so sad . When we got to the airport we seen our mum and zion they were happy to see us. I really want to go back to Australia because it was so much fun . THE END

100 word challange

100 Word Challenge Week 3
Latest prompt
This week I’m hoping you have some help with using verbs and adverbs!
It is:
…we were moving very fast when …
Things to consider:
  • Where were you going?
  • Does speed make a difference?
  • What would changing the speed do?
The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 17th February
Don't forget to enter your writing into the worldwide competition.   I am 26 years old I am boarding a plane . I am nerves . I have never been on a plane before. My plane was called out . I stepped in the plane . I said ‘this is it’ . I sat in my chair . The pilot said ‘clear for take off’ . The planes engine started . 20 minutes Into the flight .we were moving very fast when a bird flew in the engine .The plane was going down and down and down BOOM .The plane crashed in the sea . The sea was on fire. I sunk in the sea a shark bite my leg.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Monday, 16 October 2017

The man who jumped in a swamp

2017, 16  September, Monday, Spring in Pakistan . A man dived into a swamp thinking It was deep but it was shallow .He banged his head on a rock. His child rang the ambulance .They asked how old is he? The child said “He is 28.” He was in a  green swamp . He jumped in because he was burnt by a fire while toasting  his marshmallow.   He went hospital, his heart stopped pumping blood ,his heart stopped pumping . He passed away, the child is now in New Zealand with his mum.  The boy is 8 years old,his father was a fisherman.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The flash

The Flash One day I was walking down a hill . All of a sudden I saw a bright flash . It started to rain. Thunder struck an apple tree .I ran into my house and went under my blankets . I was as scared as a human being chased by a lion . I opened my door and Boom! all my power went out. My lights didn't work in my house . I touched my light switch and got an electric shock . I passed out .When I woke up I felt dizzy .I turned into a robot, went outside and got struck by lighting, I went crazy .