Wednesday, 7 June 2017


WAL about how matariki is celebrated around the world. In English They call it gods eye . In japan the call matariki Subaru 

Friday, 5 May 2017

basket boat

Story Review
WALT: summarise the main ideas of a text.  

Answer all these questions

Title:basket boats

Author:jill macgregor

Summary of the story:
How do you make the boat or earth paint?
  • Long poles off green Bamboo
  • They scrape off the outer skin and then slice the poles into thin slats

Facts: (Write something that you found wow and interesting).

Wow:They should last about 6 or 7 years
Interesting: every 6 months or so a sticky resin

Vocabulary (Choose 2 words you didn’t know, google them and write their definitions here)
  1. fleet
  2. Moored


Make a copy, rename and start your writing on your copy.

Click on the url below and watch the short clip.
Not far off the Somali coast one of the big Vestel cargo vessels is taken over by pirates! Within a split of a second the ship has a new captain, the soup is gone as well as the cargo itself. Will our Vestrons be able to strike back?

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.04.42 AM.png

Before you start writing think about the setting and imagine you are there.
Somali pirates take over a huge cargo freighter at sea. Things don’t look good for the crew, until the pirates start to investigate the cargo—Vestrons! Engage!

WALT write a narrative through the eyes of one of the crew, or robots.

  • Describe the setting in detail.Think about words to describe the situation, what you see, smell, taste, hear. Try to use words that create the mood.
  • Now…..Write a first person narrative through the eyes of one of the crew or one of the robots. How you are feeling when the boat is invaded by pirates.

Go to this padlet Somali and start writing your ideas, words feelings adjectives similies and metaphors.Share
Once this is completed you can publish it on your pers

I am a robot. At 6 am I hear pirates coming on our big ship.They are not ordinary pirates.They smell like rotten fish. There hair is so yuk.The sun was rising.The pirates were eating all the food.A pirate said to the captain “Give me the key.” He gave him the key.I heard the banging so I jumped up and ran to the captain. By then the captain had gone. 19 pirates where court. 1 jumped of the ship and 3 hid in the containers.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beyond the lines

Beyond the Lines

I am a soldier I am going to war with my friend,  brother, and other random people.  I said to them 4 people got shot so this is our last moment together. Huddle up and hope that we don't get shot. The ramp opened . We ran as fast as we could. I saw my friend get shot. I am so sad . I was running and suddenly I heard a bang, my brother got shot to . I thought this would be fun but it is not. Run they're chasing us with a  tank. My dad and mum are probably hearing the gun shots . The sea was full of blood but I survived. At night time we built a trench. Rats were in the trench. When we woke up we ran to the other teams trench. We saw some awful things and only two people survived the Captain and me.