Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beyond the lines

Beyond the Lines

I am a soldier I am going to war with my friend,  brother, and other random people.  I said to them 4 people got shot so this is our last moment together. Huddle up and hope that we don't get shot. The ramp opened . We ran as fast as we could. I saw my friend get shot. I am so sad . I was running and suddenly I heard a bang, my brother got shot to . I thought this would be fun but it is not. Run they're chasing us with a  tank. My dad and mum are probably hearing the gun shots . The sea was full of blood but I survived. At night time we built a trench. Rats were in the trench. When we woke up we ran to the other teams trench. We saw some awful things and only two people survived the Captain and me.