Thursday, 23 March 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT Use basic punctuation correctly

I am just 57 years old . I came from  space . I  landed on the arctic circle .  I made  a house  out of my rocket ship . A tree was there . It had a black skinny circle on it . I spun it and an apple grows.  I was  surprised a apple grew.

 A box appeared I decided to touch it. A hole bunch of apples grew .I took a bite of one apple . The box  was going to  share it with my neighbour. I didn’t want to share.  I ran for the box . I got the box .It went through me.  I  took a step . My leg turned into a box . I took another step my other leg turned into a box . This time he tried to jump.  My whole  body turned into a box .  I  was lonely I have no body . I was getting sick  off singing. I just sat there.

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